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sorry to hear your Christmas wasn't but I'm happy that Hideaki got the job :) happy 2010!

chinesischer grüner Tee

Am sad to hear about your Christmas. Anyways, the decorations look amazing! Wish you a very happy and a prosperous new year! Blessings to you and your family for the new year.


I'm sorry your Christmas wasn't very Christmas-y, but at least you can chalk it up to being in a non-Christian country. If you were here in Indiana with me, you'd have spent it with an acting-father-in-law passed out from 9 Coors Lights he downed trying to forget about his pending divorce, bland tacos for dinner, babysitting a horde of children around the tree who shoot Nerf guns at you while their parents socialize. That's a pretty accurate description of mine.


A job on Christmas day? That is AMAZING! Next year will be better!

S Lloyd

You Japanese have among the best food in the world. Great restaurants and a nation that knows how to enjoy great food, great life. Kudos for that!
Just a question: I love your pictures. With what Digital SLR + lens did you take them?


That's the best present of all ^^, congrats to Hideaki. Hoping those packages come soon x(^u^)x


Wonderful news about the job! Thanks for sharing and congratulations for the new year!


I just wanted to say that your blog is probably the best japanese blog I have ever read. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and took time to read all of the posts going back. It gives tremendous insight into the everyday life yet somehow it touches the soul as well. What you write - it definitely touches me in many ways - and your writing is important - as it opens doors into your life in Japan. It is fabulous, honest, interesting and addictive in a good way. Thank you for doing this - it is such a great read. I have been to Japan twice and bringing my parents in the spring to see it (how can you not be in love with it) - but certainly my tourist experiences are lacking what you are allowing me to learn and "feel" through you and Hideaki. Thank you.


It is hard to recapture the MAGIC in the Christmases of our childhood! Here's hoping your next Christmas does just that. Congrats on your husbands new job. To me your Christmas looked pretty good (except for getting sick) as it has been a very hard year for so many. I really love your blog, both the writing and the photos but especially the photos. I'd love to see and experience Japan in person but your blog is probably the only way I will see it. Thankyou.

Curtis Short

I very much enjoy your blog. I keep up with it regularly and I am slowly working through the archives. Having just moved to Japan from Seattle a few months ago, due to my wife's job, your blog has been a great source of information and inspiration for me. Thanks! Sorry to hear about your less than satisfying Christmas this year but congratulations to your husband on the new job. As for Christmas in our house this year, my son was just happy that Santa could find him here in Japan (thank you Amazon.com) and that he was able to get inside to leave presents even without a fireplace.

Linda Wankel

I have read your blog for a few years now and want you to know that you have brought me great joy. I have never been to Japan, but feel as tho I have traveled through your eyes. Holidays are often a let down for many of us due to our expectations from happy times. As a mom of 6 who have grown up and last one is leaving to school this year, I am having some of the same feelings as you about the holiday! You are not alone! thanks for the many days of gifts you have given me with your observations and pictures. Christmas never have to stay the same as when we were young or when our families were young. redefining keeps life fresh!


I'm sorry about your disappointing Christmas. One can never really regain the excitement of it from childhood, and it would be especially hard away from family. Good news about your Husband's job though!
Just wanted to let you know that I've been reading for awhile and that I very much enjoy your blog. :)


I agree with Linda Wankel -- your blog, your storytelling, your photos, your cooking, you rock. Bravo and Merry Christmas! To your continued success, and of course, 2010 is going to be incredible.

Albany Jane

Sorry on Christmas being a bummer, but hooray for Hideaki's new job! It seems like a toss up - crappy christmas, but good news in some way with the job.

Either way, I hope everything else is going smoothly for ya now!


I hope that 2010 will be full of good cheer and new adventures for you and your husband! I must thank you, too, for inspiring me to cook more, and in 2010, I am resolved to prepare dinner and bento as often as I can manage. I'm getting more adventurous with cooking, and hope to post some photos of meals I make once I get better at presentation and photography :-)


HI, I've been following your blog for ages now and have read this particular one partially holding my breath from the bit you mention the interview ... I am so glad he got the job, congratulations! And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Better late than never :)


My condolences about your Uncle Bill--he sounds like he was a lot of fun.

Christmas was pretty much nonexistent here so I can sympathize with your malaise. Hoping this year will be different.

But congrats to Hideaki on the job! What an awesome way to start the new year...

Mari L'Esperance

I continue to love your blog, at holiday time and all the year round. Thank so much for allowing me to stay connected to Japan through your vivid words and images. And many congratulations to Hideakii for landing the job! I know that must be an enormous relief... Happy New Year to you both!


Thanks all for the good wishes!

Tamara, your Christmas just might have been crappier than mine!

S Lloyd, find camera info in the "About" section.

Ilia, thanks a lot!

Chrisq, you're right, it really wasn't bad at all compared to lots of people. I'm just a bit of a whinger.

Curtis, I'm glad you find my blog useful!

Thanks for the support, Linda!

Erizabesu, good luck in 2010 and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Thanks a lot Aspasia!

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